Cori Schumacher – Biography

January 20, 2014

Cori Schumacher – Biography Although rooted in nature and balance, modern surfing often appears somewhat lopsided when viewed through the prism of its media and advertising. Watch a DVD or open a magazine, and it’s plain to see that surfing as its portrayed is a boy’s club. There isn’t much debate there. Pinning down the […]

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Duane DeSoto – Biography

December 9, 2013

Duane DeSoto – Biography Makaha is a wave that carries a pretty heavy reputation. Beneath the spare beauty of the red clay mountains and deep blue water and often times massive rolling swells flourishes a local culture that demands respect from all who come. It has been said that if visitors show up there with […]

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Eric Arakawa – Biography

October 10, 2013

Eric Arakawa – Biography The question begs to be answered: What’s in a name? If the name is Eric Arakawa, it means that those words penciled along the surfboard stringer helped the Ho brothers and the late Ronnie Burns reset the boundaries of North Shore free surf performance. His is the name Andy Irons trusted […]

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Matthew “Spider” Murphy – Biography

August 19, 2013

Matthew “Spider” Murphy – Biography   Great surfing is a momentary, mystical and serendipitous meeting of the right rider and the right shaper in the right place and time. Matthew “Spider” Murphy and Shaun Tomson are characters in just such a lightning strike moment that begins at pro surfing’s birth. Arguably one of the most […]

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Maurice Cole – Interview

July 1, 2013

Maurice Cole – Interview   First off, how is your health? Many interviews mention your diagnosis with cancer and your lifestyle changes, but how are you now?   At the moment, I am recovering from a couple of months of radio therapy and 9 months of hormones with still 9 months to go.  So I […]

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Maurice Cole – Biography

May 3, 2013

Maurice Cole – Biography Turning negatives into positives is Australian surfboard shaper Maurice Cole’s  philosophy for life, and he has employed that approach to solidify a place among the pantheon of shaping dignitaries who craft boards not just for surfers… but for the world’s greatest surfers. Tom Curren, Mark Occhilupo, Taj Burrow and Kelly Slater […]

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George Downing – Biography

March 7, 2013

In his interview here at World Champions of Surfing, Fred Hemmings gushed about his most magical surfboard: “I was looking for the basic elements that make great surfboards. What are the greatest boards ever? …For me it was Blue Max. It did what I feel strongly a good board should do: be dependable in all […]

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Joel Parkinson – Biography

January 8, 2013

ASP judges are told in no uncertain terms that style cannot count in any objective assessment of surfing. The argument is that style is a subjective concept that cannot be defined numerically. However, if style in surfing can be defined as control, speed, and poise in difficult situations, then Australian Joel “Parko” Parkinson should have […]

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Colin McPhillips – Biography

November 27, 2012

Surfing doesn’t really change that much. After all the talk of revolutions and new schools of performance, it’s still just rider, board, and wave. But as time and technology march on, the sport continues to splinter into more and more new sub-genres. Among them, shortboarding has been the traditional cash cow in the boarding market […]

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Taylor Jensen – Biography

November 27, 2012

Those who are opposed to the progressive school of longboarding must have never seen Taylor Jensen plow into a roundhouse or blow his tail out the back of a lip. Images of the progressive stereotype are populated by flicky little dudes spasmodically hopping and tapping their super lights across the face of a gutless little […]

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